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Jibuni duck stew

Jibuni: Kanazawa-style simmered duck stew

Servings 4
Author Lucy Seligman


  • 6 cups dashi fish stock
  • 8 tbsp soy sauce
  • 9-10 tbsp mirin (sweet sake)
  • 4 slices bamboo shoot, 2 inches by 1 inch
  • 4 fresh shiitake mushrooms, stemmed
  • 8 snow peas, trimmed
  • 4 4 Kanazawa-style sudarebu (fresh wheat gluten – may be replaced by broiled tofu or dried wheat gluten) cut into 1-inch squares
  • 4 slices boned & skinless duck breast*, 2 inches by 1 inch each,
  • All-purpose white flour as needed


  • Freshly grated wasabi horseradish


  • Heat the dashi stock and season it with the soy sauce and mirin. Boil the vegetables until crisp but tender. Turn down the heat to a high simmer and add in the sudarebu or tofu. Add in the duck (or chicken), which should be generously coated in the flour, at the last moment. This flour coating creates a thicker dashi broth and is a key element to the success and tastiness of this dish. It will take less than three minutes to cook each ingredient.
  • To serve, pile the vegetables and duck (or chicken) separately in small mounds in a shallow bowl, pour a little of the remaining sauce over them, and place a dab of wasabi in the center. Serve immediately.


If you’re using tofu, first press some of the water out by putting it between two plates for 10 minutes. Drain.
You may replaced the duck with boneless, skinless chicken breast.